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Q&A with Meera

We ask Meera, a student who attended a dedicated Strategic Business Management (SBM) course with Reed Business School, her experience on attending a dedicated SBM retake course. Why did you […]

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Apprenticeship levy – how it might affect your business

There has been a lot of talk about the latest draft of the Government’s new levy to help fund apprenticeships throughout the UK. While the legislation doesn’t come into play […]

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A new CEO for HMRC

Jon Thompson and Edward Troup certainly have a big task ahead.. As well as dealing with major issues of tax evasion and tax avoidance, which we blogged about last week. […]

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Failing to give up: Ursula’s view (Part 2)

Why is it that whenever I have exams to prepare for, ALL my favourite TV shows start again, but whenever I DON’T have exams, there’s nothing on I even want […]

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Open Events

Join us at our Open Events to meet tutors, discuss your studies and have a look around The Manor – our unique study environment. The Manor will be open to […]

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Failing to give up: Ursula’s View

April is upon us and that – to all ACCA students out there means one thing – back in the thick of things with exam prep!! I’m tackling P7 for […]

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