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Residential or Non Residential study?

Students can opt for residential or non-residential courses for any professional qualification. Residential courses include:

An evening meal and breakfast (as well as lunch) icon

An evening meal and breakfast (as well as lunch)

Overnight accommodation icon

Overnight accommodation

Evening study facilities icon

Evening study facilities

Out of hours access to tutors icon

Out of hours access to tutors

Staying at the Business School also offers a fun way to relax and get to know your fellow students. Non residential students receive lunch, and may also take advantage of our evening study facilities.

We offer highly competitive rates on a full board basis – providing you with a study-bedroom and all meals on site. You don’t have to spend any time travelling to and from courses and can focus solely on your learning.

Our accommodation rates compare very favourably to hotel costs enabling us to maximise the value of your spend on professional development.


Fancy a Premium room?

Would you like that little bit longer in bed in the morning, with your own double bed and with free rein of the bathroom..?

Or that extra luxury in your own private room for when you are outside of classroom hours..?

During your next stay with us, treat yourself to a stay in one of our new premium rooms to help ease the stress of studying.

All rooms come complete with Wi-Fi, private occupancy, large study space and double ensuite bathroom and shower. Within the house there is also a Lounge area where you can relax and wind down with some television after a day studying.

We advise booking early to avoid disappointment as we are limited
in number!

Premium Room

Keep fit whilst you study

During the summer months take a break from your studies by diving into our pool, having a game of tennis or even going for a run

Keep Fit

Food for thought

At Reed Business School we recognise the work that goes in to gaining your professional qualification and the importance of taking as much pressure off you as possible during this time.

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That’s why on top of our residential facilities and idyllic surroundings we have a full time catering team, headed by Craig, our award winning chef. His hearty, home cooked food will keep you fuelled and alert during your time with us and give one less thing to worry about, leaving you more time to prepare for your exam.


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