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Organisations should be aware of the opportunities that an apprenticeships scheme can provide, and the options available to them and their trainees.

We offer apprenticeships at different levels. For AAT levels 2, 3 and 4. For ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW levels 4 and 7.

Reed Business School is listed on the Government Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers and we are approved to deliver apprenticeship training.

Funding for all elements of each apprenticeship will be limited by the maximum funding band:

Level 2 – £6,000

Level 3 – £8,000

Level 4  – £8,000

Level 7 – £21,000

At the outset of each apprenticeship we will agree a plan for it’s delivery with the organisation and the trainee.

For more information click Apprenticeship Brochure to download the Reed Business School Apprenticeship leaflet.

Apprenticeship Packages

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Our aim is to ensure the apprenticeship programme remains value for money by responding to the needs of your business and individual’s needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Apprenticeship Structures

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Level 4 and level 7 apprenticeships are split into Gateway Training and End Point Assessment (EPA). All apprentices must complete a minimum of 12 months Gateway Training before they can enter for End Point Assessment.

Apprenticeship Resources

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OneFile E-Portfolio

This platform will support your apprenticeship journey allowing you to track your progress, arrange review meetings as well as contact and receive feedback from your learning coach using one unified system. OneFile

Alongside the course materials we provide to help you study for your professional exams, it is also important that you develop the skills and behaviours you will need to fulfil the apprenticeship requirements, and ultimately to be successful in the workplace. To support you with this we provide all students via the apprenticeship route with a full subscription worth £650/year to


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What Ofsted say about RBS:

  • Apprentices enjoy an inclusive learning environment. They value the time spent during residential stays where they can focus and immerse themselves in their studies.
  • Coaches work well with apprentices to develop their motivation and positive attitudes. As a result, apprentices attend well, study diligently and value their learning, feeling empowered by the new knowledge, skills and behaviours they develop.
  • Apprentices develop a good understanding of ethical practice in accounting. Leaders and employers foster positive relations and do not tolerate discrimination and bullying.
  • Many apprentices gain promotion during their apprenticeship and are given increased responsibility such as mentoring other more junior colleagues.

[Source Ofsted Inspection Report 9-12 August 2022]