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Looking after your health and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is just as important to a student as studying and revising. This page will introduce you to ways that you can enhance your lifestyle to improve your studies, enabling you to reach your full potential. We will look at the benefits of exercise and suggest ways of exercising when you are at The Manor and tips for fitness during your studies. Explore the importance of eating healthy and introduce methods to manage exam stress and ways to prepare. We hope you find it enjoyable to read and helpful during your qualification journey.

Please look at your Teams Wellbeing group to all the latest information on safeguarding, revision hints and tips, mental health and diversity.

Managing your Mental Health at Work

We’re here to champion you all in looking after yourselves and your own mental health, by providing some guidance for staying mentally well at work. Many of us are starting […]

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Managing your mental health in difficult times

Following last week’s post about maintaining productivity while working from home, we also think it’s important to share some advice on how to manage your mental health during this difficult […]

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How to stay productive while working from home

While it was impossible to foresee how quickly and how drastically we would all have to change the way we live and work given the current crisis, adapting to new […]

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