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Budget Analysis: What To Read

The Chancellor’s annual speech always seems to last several news cycles and contains lots of information you know is important, but can be quite unwieldy to decipher. Everyone has an […]

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Stay business-wise

We’re often told we need to be more aware of what’s going on in the world: in business, politics and sometimes other spheres too. But how do you get to […]

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Making time to study

When undertaking a professional qualification or course of continual professional development, successfully juggling priorities at work and home as well can be challenging – especially when exams are looming. Here’s […]

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7 best study apps

  As a busy professional, sometimes the best time for you to study or revise is while you’re travelling. Now there are hundreds of apps and gadgets to help you […]

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When the going gets tough…

We all have moments where the task ahead seems too difficult to achieve or we’re faced with unexpected setbacks – especially if your studying towards a professional qualification. Think of […]

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Achieve your goals in 2016

When undertaking a lengthy course or continual professional development qualification it’s easy to take your eye off the ball and, before you know it, weeks have passed. Why set goals? […]

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