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Celebrating the success of our students

We’re always proud of our students when they pass exams, achieve full qualification, and go on to forge successful careers. This year, though, we’ve extra reason to cheer, as our students achieved three of the top four places in the prestigious ICAEW Advanced International Order of Merit for 2016. Robin Doddrell, who works at Francis Clark LLP in Plymouth, took first place in the listings, with Naomi Pitt (who trained at Plummer Parsons in Brighton) and Robert Deare (at Francis Clark LLP in Exeter) achieving joint third place respectively.

While it’s not unusual for us to see one or two of our students’ names on this list each year, we’re absolutely delighted to see three in the top four for 2016 – especially when considering the huge number of local and national ICAEW training providers there are in the UK and how many hundreds of students sit exams each year.

The ICAEW order of merit is determined by calculating the average result students achieve across each of the exam papers they take throughout the year, and prizes are awarded to those with the highest overall scores. This achievement, therefore, shows that our students are able to perform consistently well in multiple papers, demonstrating great depth of financial knowledge and understanding across many different areas.

We attribute our students’ exam success to many things: the way we structure and deliver our teaching; our tutors; and the overall facility here at the Business School, which allows students to really focus on their studies in an idyllic countryside setting, away from the stresses of their usual routines. Robin, Naomi and Robert all agree that the atmosphere here was really conducive to their being able to study effectively, and that they couldn’t have asked for anything more in terms of coaching and support from their tutors.

We firmly believe that our methodology works and the stats on exam pass rates tell the same story: 96% or our students passed all three of their Advanced Level ICAEW papers in July 2016 at their first attempt, compared to a national average of 68%.

We extend our congratulations to Robin, Naomi and Robert for their success and to all our students who performed well throughout the year. If you’d like to find out more about studying with us and the outstanding teaching and support we provide, get in touch with us here.

Matt Holden, Reed Business School Tutor, congratulating Naomi Pitt, from Plummer Parsons, for achieving joint Third Place and the Fletcher prize in the 2016 Advanced Annual International Orders of Merit.

Jenny Winstanley, Reed Business School Tutor, congratulating Robert Deare, from Francis Clark LLP, for achieving joint Third Place and the Fletcher prize in the 2016 Advanced Annual International Orders of Merit.

Joanne Davey, Thomas Westcott, receiving a prize from Jenny Winstanley, Reed Business School tutor, for achieving Fourth place and the Strachan prize in the 2015 Annual International Order of Merit. Joanne and Jenny attended the ICAEW Awards Ceremony held on 21st April 2016 at Chartered Accountants’ Hall, Moorgate Place.

Matt Holden, Reed Business School Tutor, congratulating Robin Doddrell, from Francis Clark LLP, for achieving First Place and the Railton prize in his ICAEW Business Strategy and First Place and the Little prize for his ICAEW Business Planning: Taxation exams at the June 2015 sitting.

In this area we give huge credit and congratulations to students, who whilst studying with us, really excelled themselves and achieved the incredible. Below are recent National prizewinners who have come through Reed Business School.

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Pass Rates

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