Building upon our successful professional exam based training courses, we are introducing a range of workshops and CPD courses

Reed Business School realise that continuing to learn after a qualification is important, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the changing economic and social circumstances that enables individual’s progress in their careers. Each of the accountancy professions require their members to undertake and record Continual Professional Development (CPD) to prove their ongoing commitment to advancing their knowledge.

Reed Business School has introduced a range of classroom based CPD courses but also the opportunity to choose from a range of Online CPD courses for companies to set up access for their teams or individuals that manage their own training.

Reed Business School Online CPD Membership

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12 months unlimited online access
Access to over 150 online CPD courses (that’s 500+ hours of learning
Weekly CPD Bites: Stimulating learning in convenient, fully tracked 15 minute sessions
Access to the Accountant’s update pathway 2017
Immediate access to the new CPD courses as soon as they are published
Flexibility: learn what you want, when you want to

What do you get from Reed Business School?

20% discount on any classroom based CPD course for the life of the licence

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Number of Users Standard Pricing
1 User £585
5 Users £2250
10 Users £3825
20 Users £6750

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Supervisory CPD Modular Programme

The Supervisory programme is broken down into 10 x 1 day workshops as follows:
Engage, lead and keep focused on my own role
Managing Performance
Coaching and Delegating
Managing Meetings
Managing Change
Building High Performance Teams
Presentation Skills
Final Reinforcement/Plan for the Future
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Contract Awareness

Duration: 1 day
Brief Overview: To provide a better understanding of contractual binding relationships relating specifically to your own day-to-day work when discussing or issuing contracts and standard letters on behalf of the distribution business.
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Law for Legal Secretaries

Duration: 2 days
Brief Overview: This course will give a basic understanding of a wide range of legal issues that may be encountered in the working environment, giving delegates more confidence in the information they give.
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Virtual Currencies and On-line Money Laundering Investigations

Duration: 2 days
Brief Overview: Understanding what virtual currency is, how it operates, where it can be found and signs associated with its use are important to those managing finances. This module will give you the fundamental understanding of virtual currencies and the knowledge to consider and recognise risk where it presents itself.
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Lumina Spark – PD Assessment Tools

Duration: 1 day
Brief Overview: Lumina Spark is the latest innovation in professional development and assessment tools that breaks free from the world of dry, out-of-date psychometrics and stereotyping personality tests. This new approach is very necessary given that businesses today are so diverse and dynamic, any solutions must be equally as complex and robust.
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Accounting Standards

We are introducing three Accounting Standards half day courses. All 3 will be run over a 2 day period with a discount of 10% for booking 2 together and 20% for booking all 3.

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments

Duration: 1/2 day
Brief Overview: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments has been a long time coming. The final, complete version of the standard becomes mandatory from 1 January 2018, when it will replace IAS 39.
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IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers

Duration: 1/2 day
All companies have revenue. It is virtually always the largest figure in a company’s set of financial statements. Even fairly small percentage errors in revenue recognition can have a material impact on the financial statements. The standard is mandatory from 1 January 2018 onwards.
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IFRS 16 Leases

Duration: 1/2 day
It is estimated that 85% of lease obligations do not currently appear in the liabilities of lessees. After a long period of development, IFRS 16 has now finally been issued. This standard could have a very significant effect on many businesses, including those that may not currently have to recognise leased assets and liabilities in their financial statements.The new standard is effective from 1 January 2019, though its significantly wider scope may require immediate action.
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Building New Client Relationships

Duration: 1 day

This one day course cover the essential elements of client sales and networking for your professional practise. Selling your services depends on the quality of the relationships you build with your clients and contacts, and traditional sales training is totally unsuited to this.

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NLP Foundation

Duration: 2 days

This two day course covers the basic elements of NLP and gives you an excellent foundation of practical skills that you can use right away to achieve more in your work and life and greatly improve the quality of your relationships.

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Risk Management

Duration: 2 days

This course looks at identifying risks, classifying and assessing risks, planning to mitigate each risk and constructing a risk register to be able to manage at a board or partner level.

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Big Data

Duration: 1 day

This course will look at communicating the concept, issues and problems of big data. recognising the strategic and competitive potential of big data management. it looks at mitigating the risks of big data and how to design a strategy for big data management.

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