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Naomi Pitt

Prize Winner 2016: Naomi Pitt

Matt Holden, Reed Business School Tutor, congratulating Naomi Pitt, from Plummer Parsons.

For achieving joint Third Place and the Fletcher prize in the 2016 Advanced Annual International Orders of Merit.

Robin Doddrell

Prize Winner June 2015: Robin Doddrell

Matt Holden, Reed Business School Tutor, congratulating Robin Doddrell, from Francis Clark LLP.

For achieving First Place and the Railton prize in his ICAEW Business Strategy First Place and the Little prize for his ICAEW Business Planning: Taxation exam

Joanne Davey

Prize Winner June 2015: Joanne Davey

Joanne Davey, Thomas Westcott, receiving a prize from Jenny Winstanley, Reed Business School tutor.

For achieving Fourth place and the Strachan prize in the 2015 Annual International Order of Merit.

Joanne and Jenny attended the ICAEW Awards Ceremony held on 21st April 2016 at Chartered Accountants’ Hall, Moorgate Place.

Jackie Oddy

Prize Winner 2014: Jackie Oddy

Caroline Fowler, Reed Business School tutor, congratulating Jackie Oddy from Francis Clark LLP for achieving First Place and the Little prize in her ICAEW Business Planning Tax exam at the December 2014 sitting.

Reed Business School student, Jackie Oddy, won the ICAEW first place prize for her BPT exam at the ICAEW December 2014 sitting, achieving an amazing 93%!

We have students for the BPT June sitting coming up, so no pressure guys! Jackie is back at Reed this week commencing her Advanced Level studies to the November sitting.

Well done Jackie!