Technical Articles

In this area we have technical articles written by the tutors of the Reed Business School. Articles outline current affairs, interesting pieces and exam hints and tips.

Technical Articles from 2016

The PQ Guide – Life as a part-qualified
accountant and beyond

Technical Articles from 2015

The Variability of Gearing

Financial Management – understand the exam format and the examiner’s philosophy to understand how to pass the exam

Consolidated Statement of Profit and Loss

How much working capital should a company have?

Enterprise Strategy

Importance of brought forward knowledge/credit for prior learning

Relevant to ACCA F5 – Performance Management

Risk Analysis and Risk Management – it’s more than just numbers

How to Improve Your Answer Booklets

ICAEW Advanced Case Study – Avoiding the Pitfalls of Requirement 1: Financial Analysis

Advice to Students: Do you Read the Financial and Business Press?

Technical Articles from 2014

IAS17 Sale and Leaseback

Pestel: It Doesn’t Have to be a Pest

Balancing Performance Measures

ICAEW UK Economic Forecast, Q3 2014

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Sources of Finance Decision Making: Business and Financial Risk

Questions on using Futures: Honing your exam technique 

IAS 17: Lessee Accounting


Technical Articles from 2013

Case Study: Understand the Issue

Best Exam Practice: It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

PESTLE analysis: The good news!

Dragons Den: The Problem With Business Plans

Self Review: The best way to improve

Choosing a year end for tax purposes: Part one

Choosing a year end for tax purposes: Part two

How to score well in Hedging questions

Audit Procedure questions don’t need to be a nightmare!







Technical Articles