Law for Legal Secretaries CPD course

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Law for Legal Secretaries

In the new year it’s quite common to set goals for yourself – to want to improve your knowledge or competency in a certain area in order to get a better job is a popular one. As part of our range of services to professionals seeking further training, we’re pleased to say we’re expanding our CPD programme, enabling even more of you to improve your skills and employability throughout 2019.

With several new courses starting in the next few weeks, the first we’d like to tell you about is our Law for Legal Secretaries course. Anyone who is one will know that Legal Secretaries play a pivotal role in the efficient and smooth running of any law firm or department. This course is specifically aimed at legal secretaries (or people in associated roles) with some experience already, and who believe that a deeper knowledge of law basics will help them be better at their jobs. In particular, delegates might work in solicitor offices, barrister chambers, law courts and legal departments of larger firms, estate agents, insurance companies, or banks and building societies.

This course will give a basic understanding of a wide range of legal issues that may be encountered in the working environment, including specific terminology and protocol, giving delegates more confidence in the information they give, and filling in gaps in knowledge they may already have. It will also be a great way to pick up some useful nuggets of information to impress the bosses, and be a forum to ask any relevant questions in a safe environment.

This course will enable delegates to:
• Understand the distinction between civil and criminal law
• Understand the sources of law
• Critique methods of dispute resolution
• Identify types of civil obligation
• Explain the basics of Criminal law, Employment law and Property law

During the course, the following areas will also be covered:
• Case law, legislation and European law
• Courts, tribunals and arbitration
• Essentials of a contract, terms, remedies, tort, negligence, nuisance, trespass definitions
• Requirements of a crime, types of offences and sanctions
• The contract of employment, legislation, termination of employment
• Wills and inheritance
• Freehold and leasehold land
Download more information about our Law for Legal Secretaries Course here, or see our website for our full range of CPD courses.
Keep an eye out for blog posts in the coming weeks where we’ll be sharing more about new CPD courses we’re launching and how you can benefit from some additional training. Please do share with your friends who may be interested in any of our courses.

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Law for Legal Secretaries CPD course

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Law for Legal Secretaries CPD course

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