Have you retained your knowledge?

Have you retained your knowledge? Share

It is amazing how many students find topics hard in the higher accountancy exams that actually follow on from earlier papers.

When studying for any of the professional accountancy qualifications you need to appreciate that once a paper is passed that knowledge cannot simply be forgotten.

Check whether its relevant for a later paper and if so what are the key elements of knowledge that need to be remembered going forward. If you are proactive at doing this then you can actually enjoy studying for the harder later papers as you have a solid starting block to build on.

Some students are lucky enough to be given credit for prior learning. This can be dangerous as the knowledge you have previously learnt maybe a long time ago and /or may have been covered in a different way as to what the qualification that you are now trying to obtain requires.  So ideally though you have been given credit get a copy of the study manual for any papers you have been granted exemption for that follows onto a later paper. Make sure you are familiar and understand this material pre studying for the later paper. By doing this you will enjoy the later paper so much more.

Attached is a table for each higher accountancy qualification that shows the key follow through of papers to later ones.


Jenny Winstanley
Reed Business School

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