Professional Accounting / Tax Technician Apprenticeships


The environment in which we operate is changing and organisations need to be aware of the opportunities that apprenticeships provide and the options available to them and their trainees.

To find out more about the Level 4 and 7 apprenticeships we have to offer at Reed Business School please complete the contact us form and we will be able to advise you on the course structure and what you will need to consider.


Who gains?

Employers – Apprenticeships are nationally-accredited work-based programmes designed to meet employer needs at a high skill level and include qualifications equivalent to higher education.

Employees – Individuals gain a recognised professional qualification, technical knowledge and professional skills.

Support Services

Reed Business School is listed on the Government Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers and approved to deliver apprenticeship training. We have developed a support service for employers to assist you in maximising your utilisation of the apprenticeship levy which operates as follows:

  • Initial meeting to assess skills needs and new recruitment planned, this will give an early indication of potential utilisation of the levy. This can be matched against the likely annual levy amount available.
  • This will be followed by a skills audit of your organisation to assess who may be eligible for apprenticeships (the levy applies to existing employees as well as new recruits, as long as they are eligible).
  • Once individuals have been identified we would then complete an individual learning plan with each member of your staff who may be interested in an apprenticeship.
  • Once this stage has been completed we would then proceed to commence sign up and delivery of the apprenticeships.
  • Apprenticeships range from intermediate and advanced levels (levels 2 and 3) to higher and degree apprenticeships (levels 4 and 7). At the business school we currently specialise in the higher level 4 apprenticeship and intend to offer level 7 when it is introduced (expected September 2017).

Delivery Overview

You will be able to use multiple training providers to deliver an apprenticeship although funding for all elements of each apprenticeship must be routed through a single provider that the employer has chosen and will be limited by the maximum funding band. For accounting level 4 this is £9,000, [it is anticipated that for level 7 this will be £21,000 but this is yet to be confirmed].At the outset of each apprenticeship, a main provider and employer will agree a plan for its delivery. Reed Business School will be offering a more flexible apprenticeship package, with a ‘Pick n Mix’ approach to content which allows employers to drive the content of the apprenticeship programme. We intend to offer a menu of, individually priced, possible content options, which, if required also incorporates other training that you provide to your trainees via another provider.

Apprenticeship Packages

Our aim is to ensure the apprenticeship programme remains value for money by responding to the needs of your business and an individual’s needs.Sample Apprenticeship, flexible ‘Pick n Mix’ package

Apprenticeship Structures

The new apprenticeships are split into Gateway Training (eg CFAB qualification) and End Point Assessment and for the level 4 an apprentice must complete a minimum of 12 months Gateway Training before they can enter for End Point Assessment. We are currently revising our course structures to include apprenticeship cohorts however we have outlined a possible draft as follows: Draft Apprenticeship Cohorts Study Programme
Apprenticeship Route

Join us at our Open Events

  • Meet our tutors
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  • Take a tour of The Manor – our unique study environment
  • Receive a tuition fee *discount if booking on the day

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Key Facts

Key Facts

+ Highly beneficial to both Employers and Employees

+ Fully funded training, keeping costs down for employers

+ Begin your career earning and learning

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