Failing to give up: Ursula’s View

Failing to give up: Ursula’s View Share

April is upon us and that – to all ACCA students out there means one thing – back in the thick of things with exam prep!!

I’m tackling P7 for the second time this June after an unsuccessful 2015 where I had 3 professional level fails. I had sat two P level papers in June 2015 failing both and then gave one another go in December and still marginally failed!   It was my lowest point since I started my ACCA journey at foundation level in late 2012.  After December last year I was completely ready to give up. I’d thrown in the towel. I’d remain part qualified for the rest of my days.  Sure, I only had 2 exams to go but maybe they were just 2 exams too far…

Then I heard about something I’d never known of before.  A revision course with a difference.  I don’t know about you but the biggest challenge I had was finding solid chunks of time to revise without being distracted by family and friends and all those other things we suddenly “must do” when confronted with weekend after weekend of revision and exam practice.  I ended up not utilising my time fully and always felt guilty about it – I could have done more. If I’d just made the time to fit in one more mock exam, if I’d just said “no” to that invite from friends.

So when I heard about Reed Business School’s residential intensive revision course, I knew it was exactly what I needed to give me that pass. No distractions and an escape from those daily duties – a perfect environment for focused exam preparations.  Of course I’ll be putting in the ground work before the course. I’ve already had a chat with a friendly tutor from Reed who suggested I send her question practice I’ve done so far. So like a said, it’s back in the thick of things until late May when I go on this residential course and it’s going to be AMAZING to have a completely undisturbed block of time to focus on nothing but my exam.

I’ll be posting until D-day (for me it’s 6th June) to let you know how it’s going and I’ll also let you know how I find the residential course. If there’s anyone out there who like me was sooo close to giving up, no matter what stage you’re at – DON’T!! Try a different approach, because that thing you haven’t tried yet just might be the key to your success…

Ursula 🙂 xo.

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