Apprenticeship FAQs

Apprenticeship FAQs Share

I am an apprentice and have a meeting booked with my Learning Coach, will this still go ahead?
All meetings will go ahead via Skype, any changes to Coach meetings must be agreed with your Learning Coach via your OneFile account.

What am I able to include on my timesheet whilst I am furloughed from my workplace? 
You are able to include any new learning and training you have undertaken as long as it has been accessed during normal work hours. This can include all the time you have spent on online courses related to the knowledge, skills and behaviours for the accountancy standard which may include Reed, any Webinars, AccountingCpd, TaxTV or STEPS programs you have taken part in, or any study and revision you have done towards your exams.

Apprentices who are being made redundant: A new online and telephone support service for apprentices who have lost their jobs during the Covid-19 outbreak has been launched and we have included a link to the official Government webpage here. The new Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices (ReSSA) will ensure apprentices can access local and national services that can provide financial, legal, health and wellbeing support, and help them to find a new job should they need it. CLICK HERE